About Us

The Tri-City Community Chorus is an ensemble of dedicated singers from all walks of life. We share a passion for singing and a desire to bring the joy and healing power of music to as many people as possible. 

Membership is open to all, regardless of musical experience or background. 

We span several generations, from our teens and 20s to our 80s…and beyond. Our bond is the joy of singing, and the desire to share that joy with as many people as we can, especially with those who need the uplifting power of music in their lives.

Our membership is drawn primarily (but not solely) from York and Cumberland counties in southern Maine. The rich mosaic of membership and talent reflects the dynamic cultural heritage of the area and is symbolic of the Tri-City Community Chorus mission: to  enrich and enhance the cultural life of its members and their community.

We seek to stimulate the intellect as well as to touch the hearts of our listeners. We also give back to our communities through scholarships, charitable donations and other outreach efforts..

The Tri-City Community Chorus performs a diverse spectrum of choral music in both sacred and secular styles ranging from the great masters to contemporary artists as well as popular and show music from the best of Broadway.

We offer a two-concert series each year, with rehearsals on Monday nights from 6:45 to 9:00 p.m. from the end of August to December for the Winter Holiday Concert, and from mid-January to May for the Spring Concert.

The Chorus is incorporated as a private non-profit organization and is governed by a Board of Directors who are dedicated to the mission of the Tri-City Community Chorus.

Tri-City Community Chorus
Executive Board Members

Joyce Hollman, President
Becky Corliss, Vice President
Cecelia Clapp, Secretary
Kimberley Austin, Treasurer
Daniel Lachance, Music Librarian
Patricia Lachance, Membership Secretary
Jessica Paiva, Soprano Section Leader
Kris Conley, Alto Section Leader
James Cole, Tenor Section Leader
Levi Braman, Bass Section Leader
Diane Tracy, Past President (non-voting)
Wesley Raines, Music Director (non-voting)


Vicki Hill, Publicity Coordinator
Becky Corliss, Advertising and Program Layout Coordinator
Kimberly LaPointe, Poster and Program Designer
Stefanie Wayne-Workman, Scholarship Coordinator
Donna Perreault & Celine LaRiviere, Apparel Coordinators
Jessica Paiva, Social Media Coordinator
Joyce Hollman, Website coordinator
Vivian Gosselin, Attendance Coordinator
Denise Thibault, 50/50 Raffle Coordinator
Rochelle and Becky Corliss, Ho
spitality Coordinators